The Coal Black Rose (1829)

The Contraband Schottisches (1861)

Dixie’s Land (ca. 1860)

Down South Where the Sugar Cane Grows (1877)

Drat Dat Mewel (1893)

Dusky Dinah (1899)

Ethiopian Quadrilles, Danced and Sung by the Virginia Minstrels (1843)

Ethiopian Serenade (1883)

Good Bye My Honey I’m Gone (1885)

Good Enough (1871)

Gumbo Chaff (ca. 1827-32)

Hello ma Baby (1899)

Hie Away Ole Satan (1885)

I’ll send you down a Letter from de Sky (1884)

I’m from Missouri (and you gotter show me) (1902)

Impecunious Davis (1899)

The Invalid Corps (1863)

I’se gwine to leave old Dixie (1879)

Kemo, Kimo (ca. 1854)

Kingdom Coming (ca. 1862)

Lady Africa (1897)

Long Tail Blue (1827)

Long Time Ago (1833)

De Lord he make us Free: The Freedman’s Song (1865)

Lucinda Cinda Jane (1894)

Ma Daffodil (1900)

May Irwin’s Bully Song (1896)

My Home in Alabam (1881)

My Ole Home in Alabama ‘fo’ de War (1875)

Old Bob Ridley (ca. 1855)

Old Virginy Break Down (1847)

Original Rags (1899)

Patrol Comique (1886)

Plantation Dance (1867)

The Plantation Galop (ca. 1856-67)

Polly Perkins of Pemberton Green (ca. 1860s)

Poor Charlie: Old Slave who ran away & was carried back to his master (1855)

Poor Oppressed (1862)

Remus takes the Cake (1896)

She’s the Real Thing my Baby (1901)

Shew Fly (1869)

Slave Life, or Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1853)

South Car’lina Tickle (1898)

Tell Me Josey Whar You Bin (1841)

Under De Mango Tree (1872)

Wait, my Children, Wait (1880)

Wake Nicodemus (1864)

Walking for dat Cake (1877)

A Warmin’ up in Dixie (1899)

Way Down South (1899)

We’ll Raise De Roof To-Night (1884)

When Sousa Comes to Coon-Town (1902)

Which Road is you gwine to take (1880)

Whistling Rufus (1899)

Young Eph’s Lament (1862)


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